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49th parade 2018 edition
Inscription form

Today, we request your special contribution for this 49th edition of the Santa Claus Deux-Montagnes Parade that will be on Sunday December 2nd.

It’s because of generosity from people like you that we can continue this tradition that started in 1970. We would be happy to welcome you as one of our major sponsors for this special event.

You can fill out your inscription at www.parade-dm.ca and take the time to visit our new web site.

Like last year, the panels are standardized for all our sponsors. We will keep them, from year to year.

Don’t forget that it is with the support of people like you that we will be able to give the best show for more than 20,000 people.

Be assured of an excellent visibility
Reserve your spot as soon as possible
Here are the rates for this year’s publicity panels: click here

Fill out your inscription form and include your check, we will pick them up upon your call.

For more information or to make an appointment, please communicate with me or with the committee at 450 472-1987.

You can now watch see last year’s  parade on line and see your panels at www.parade-dm.ca.

In the name all the children, the committee and Santa thank you and count on your presence and support for the realization of this very special day.

Your Deux-Montagnes Santa Claus Parade Committee,


Denis Naud
2018 President

450 472-1987


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