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The tradition lives on in Deux-Montagnes as the city has started to prepare the 49th parade honouring Santa Claus.

This year, the big departure will be on Sunday December 2th at 1 p.m. and the theme is “CHRISTMAS TALES”.

More than ever the participation of the community organizations is requested to preserve the non commercial character of the event, a key element that distinguishes the Deux-Montagnes parade as the most important one in Quebec. The Deux-Montagnes parade has always showcased the community and the many volunteer organizations while offering a show that pleases all the children from everywhere.

The committee, who’s implication started with the first parade in 1970, wishes a record attendance of more than 20,000 people added to the 800 participants that will be on the floats or marching with the parade.

Everything you always wanted to know on the Parade is now available on the web at www.parade-dm.ca. The web site, that contains all the information for the sponsors and participants, is also kid friendly. We can find music and games. All of this in a virtual environment that inspires the magic of Christmas.

The toy collection

Instigated in 2002, the toy collection all along the Parade is getting more and more popular. The Optimist club of Deux-Montagnes  has taken charge for the last four years. The distribution of the toys, new and used, is done by the AGAPE organization. They will be able to improve the Christmas baskets intended for thje families with young children. Some of the toys will be given to Joujou Récup’r  from St-Eustache to be refreshed.


Denis Naud, président / president
Martin Hensen, vice président / vice president
Dave Byers, trésorier / treasurer
Diane Fortier, secrétaire / secretary
Diane Malouin, administratrice / Administrator
Arthur Glover, administrateur / Administrator
Victor Henry, administrateur / Administrator
Michel Barbusci, administrateur / Administrator
Michel Rochon, administrateur / Administrator
Sabrina Williams administratrice / Administrator

Starts at 13:00 on the corner of 20th Avenue and Chemin d’Oka.
Ends at 14:30 on the corner of 8th Avenue and Chemin d’Oka.


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